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Here To Stay

Encountering love is a miracle that God gave to us so true
For it’s a delightful feeling that everyone will pass through
Though some people may have neglected this emotion
Because it may them suffer from pain and depression

But leaving you completely will never enter my mind
For my love is a promise that has become a bind
A bind that won’t separate our hearts that love one another
A bind that has become a proof for us to be together

Be with me, that’s all I’m asking you to do for me
For I’ll never bear the pain if you leave me and flee
I know I’ve loved you more than I love myself
And that’s one feeling that I’ll always keep in my heart’s shelf

I know I can promise my love will always belong to you
Because I know I have never loved anyone this true
It’s a feeling that no one can take away in your heart
For it will make our love the barrier that’ll never break apart

Eternity is what I can’t promise to you, my love
But I can make sure pain and sorrow you’re not going to have
All I know is that my love will be here to stay
And it’s a promise that I’m sure will never fade away


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