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Make It Come True

Young love I see these days is like a flickering flame
There are lots of emotions that no one can name
But curiosity and envy are samples of these emotions
That easily ruins the heart because of this flame’s manifestations

All of my life, I’ve dreamed of an unquenchable love
That could surpass the turmoil that reached the sky above
A deep-burning coal is the comparison of the love I want
And will never be affected by the memories that haunt

Oh, stars that shine above, please make it come true
Please give me a chance and show me a clue
If this love of mine that kindles inside my heart
Will going to be a lifetime feeling that’ll never part

Miracle may be one thing I’m going to need about
For this strange feeling will never be easily put out
One thing I fear the most is for you to abandon my heart
Because you’re going to leave it tormented amd torn apart

But please, make my long-time wish to come true soon
So I won’t spend the night anymore gazing at the moon
My dream of loving and being loved deeply by you
It’s the dream I want for you to make it come true


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