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Thinking Of You

It’s hard to think of a special person in your heart
Especially if everything between you two are like worlds apart
It’s hard to think of you that I could see from afar
Just getting a glimpse on a sky high star

Each minute that comes, starting from the day we’ve met
I’ve always had a strange feeling that I call regret
‘Cause when the day ends and I haven’t gazed at you
I’ve felt that my day was incomplete and even blue

When I think of you, I’ve neglected my world around
Time have slowed down and I couldn’t hear a sound
It’s been like this ever since I’ve laid my eyes on you
Imagining things that I think will never come true

I only think of your smiles and your gentle laugh
It’s like you’ve never faced the world that’s so tough
These are the images that give me one of the reasons
To surpass the obstacles like a tree that have seen a thousand seasons

But your love is something my heart could never reach out
Because of our worlds that were divided in falsehood and doubts
So even if this selfish dream of mine won’t ever come true
I’ll just stay in one corner of my world, thinking of you


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