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In My Dreams

As the night sky display a gallery of constellations
I’m always happy to look at them with much appreciation
‘Cause each of the clusters gave an unspeakable shine
That gives me reason to cross my obstacles’ line

But one particular event gives a new meaning to my night
And that’s dreaming of the person that remained out of sight
In my dreams I could see you smiling at me
Even waving your hands so I could be able to see

I’ve never felt your warmjmg presence for a month or two
And yet my heart still yearns to have a glimpse of you
Your face which shows a smile that fades my clouds away
Your eyes which always greets hello and goodbye you’ll never say

In my dreams, I could see all the things that please me
That lies as far as the horizon lying on the deep blue sea
But I could never say the feeling within my glass-like heart
‘Cause even in dreams, I don’t want you to break it apart

Dreaming of you is what makes my day complete and happy
And it will remain in my keepsake of precious memory
So when the light of the stars engulf the sky in the night
I’ll be happy for I’ll see you again in my dreams tonight


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