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How Could I Forget You?

You’ve ran away after you broke my fragile heart
And you’ve taken a piece of me where my life is a part
But no matter how I’d let time made me forget you
I could still remember everything that you always do

How could I forget your eyes that looked at me?
The one that showed me what my life would be
Those eyes that made me engrave a smile on my face
Every time I look at them, they always make me feel dazed

How could I forget your lips that gave a sweet smile
That you never failed to show to everyone even for a while?
The lips which gave out words that encouraged me so much
The words that made my heart fall for you to catch

How could I forget your laughter that completed my day?
The loud yet gentle laughter that made me want to stay
By your side where I know I’m protected and secured
Your arms that embraced me made me feel assured

How could I forget the person that showed me love?
The person that I’ve always wished for me to have
Even if time will keep me doing what I need to do
There’s no way I’d be able to forget a person like you


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