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I’m Glad To Have Met You

Living a life that’s simple is what I always have
Even imagining a dream that’s compared to the stars above
Things remained to be as a dream concealed far away
That I might not be able to reach after my life should go astray

But there are a lot of things that make me feel glad
Though I’ve seen some things that made my life bad
I should be thankful for I’ve met someone like you
That gives me inspiration in everything I do

You came to my life without knowing you’d come my way
And you made me face the world that I’ve always ran away
You came to me and gave me the courage that I need
For the days and nights that come, you’ve watered my dream’s seed

You’ve made my whole life the loveliest one to live
For you’ve lit a feeling inside me that no one can give
And I’m always ready to confess my blooming love
When I know destiny will going to let love I shall have

I will always thank the Lord for giving you to me
Because you’ve shown a miracle that I never thought I’d see
So even if this life of mine unexpectedly ends along the way
“I’m glad to have met you” is what I’m going to finally say


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