To Where Our Dreams Lie

I used to dream that’s as high as a star
That I couldn’t even reach because everything’s too far
And as I try to chase my dream that ran
I’ve felt that my life was then over and done

You’ve met me here where my dreams started to fall
I just cried and didn’t do anything at all
But you wiped my tears away and made me smile
And I’ll never forget it even for a while

I can’t forget those memories that are sweet
And it’s enough for it to race my heartbeat
I know that everything was never a trance
For I can feel like I was given another chance

The wind blew around so harshly as I walk
Too cold to feel that I couldn’t even talk
But your warm touch made me feel happy
A feeling that I won’t forget for eternity

You came to me and fixed my shattered dreams
And now together, we’re crossing our lives’ streams
So we could go to a place where feelings never die
To the sacred place where our dreams peacefully lie


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