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To The One I’m Waiting For

A gloomy path is what I’m walking for now
Doesn’t even know which path will I take somehow
It’s been like this ever since you were gone
I can’t tell when will all of this be over and done

My life has been like this for a long time
And I can’t even hear the clock that always chimes
Perhaps I don’t want to know anything anymore
About the life I’m having that never happened before

But there’s one particular thing that I only know
I never had a chance to notice time that runs so slow
Because my heart only desires for one thing
And that’s meeting you again all through everything

No matter how long I wait or even how far
Even if I can’t fade away my heart’s scar
I will keep standing on the place where you left me
For you to be able to return again and gladly see

A smile of happiness will surely shine
In a place beneath the very green pine
This is to the person I’ve been waiting for
That I know I have loved like never before


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