Close To Your Love

I’ve always seen and watched you from afar
Like watching and smiling at the shining star
It’s been like this ever since I met you
And you never made my day so dull and blue

A smile and laughter can complete my day
It’s like watching the lovely sunset at the bay
I can feel the warmth and see new dreams
Being born inside my heart, flowing like streams

But I think my dream might not become real
When many people want your heart for them to steal
I’ll never had a chance to show my true feeling
No matter how much I try to become pleasing

No one around us can be a marionette of love
Or even play like Cupid with bow and arrows to have
I can’t really get a little close to you
Even if I have the courage to make it through

But I want to do everything with my skills
For that would give my life a lot of thrills
And that includes making you notice me one bit
To get close to your love is a one sure hit


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