Entries In English · Poetic Moments From My School Days

Close To Your Love

I’ve always seen and watched you from afar
Like watching and smiling at the shining star
It’s been like this ever since I met you
And you never made my day so dull and blue

A smile and laughter can complete my day
It’s like watching the lovely sunset at the bay
I can feel the warmth and see new dreams
Being born inside my heart, flowing like streams

But I think my dream might not become real
When many people want your heart for them to steal
I’ll never had a chance to show my true feeling
No matter how much I try to become pleasing

No one around us can be a marionette of love
Or even play like Cupid with bow and arrows to have
I can’t really get a little close to you
Even if I have the courage to make it through

But I want to do everything with my skills
For that would give my life a lot of thrills
And that includes making you notice me one bit
To get close to your love is a one sure hit


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