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The Only Way To Love You

Loving secretly, loving weakly, loving strong
Even if all the things went terribly wrong
It’s always like this when it comes to love
It’s what everyone in this world wanted to have

But one kind of love made someone suffer in pain
And torturing her fragile heart again and again
It’s loving secretly which is a hard thing to do
And no one knows when will this love comes true

Sunny day, rainy day, almost everyday
I stay in a quiet place where I can pray
That somehow, you’ll take a glance of me
And talk to me for a while to answer my plea

Grayish clouds and wind that harshly blows
It’s the kind of world where my life flows
In your world, it’s bright and always keeps on shining
Because of the people that keeps you climbing

But up to now, I’m still waiting in this cold place
Where many people can’t even recognize my face
Hiding in your world where I can take a glance of you
It’s the only way I know for me to love you so true


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