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A Chapter Of My Life

My life is compared to an old, rotten book
That no one dared to take a look
I remained myself in the shelf to be kept hidden
From the world where people barely think what’s forbidden

For as long as I can think and remember
My pages never showed its glow like an ember
The words and colors slowly fade away
Until someone like you began to fade away

Your gentle touch returned my faded colors
Restored the words and opened my closed doors
Your pen gently swayed on my old, creased paper
Like a graceful pirouette done by a ballet dancer

The day you came, you created a new chapter
Like the one from the novel of an inspired writer
Every words and details are carefully drawn
Like the dewy grasses of a backyard lawn

So when my life is over and I’ll be given a chance
Even if it’s just a dream that’ll easily prance
If there’s a chapter in my book that I would see without strife
It’s when the time you recreated the book of my life


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