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I Need To Know

Sweet, gentle wind began to blow around
As a tiny seed started to grow on the ground
There are mysteries that people want to know
That the new world can’t help but reveal and show

But one mystery remained a mystery as time passed
I couldn’t find an answer just by looking through the glass
I need to know what is this feeling inside of me
An unusual beating of the heart that couldn’t flee

I need to know why my heart beats in such a hurry
Whenever I see you pass my way, I wanted to scurry
But my face had already engraved a warm smile
That I’ve never shown to anyone in a while

Love is a feeling that’s mysterious but never new
And it’s never an easy one to handle and give a clue
Chance can never do anything about this emotion
And it can’t simply be undone even by a thousand potions

There are many things that I want to find out
Even the feeling in my heart that’s blazing about
I need to know if this is a feeling I can have
I need to know if this is an emotion called love


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