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The Shadow Of My Heart

For the past years, I’ve lived my life in pain
That I couldn’t bear so easily and plain
And no matter how much I try to walk away
Memories of you and me are making my path gray

I wanted to have a life that’s colorful and new
And fulfill a dream that’s shining brightly and true
But how am I suppose to have the life I want
If a dark memory in my mind continues to haunt?

You’re the only person that hurt me this much
And it lived in a place that I couldn’t bear to watch
I wanted this pain inside of me to fade
That your so-called love for me before had made

The day you left me, everything about you created a shadow
That I can never break, that’s why it always follow
And no matter how many years will pass by
Everything about you won’t help me reach the sky

Your memories seem to have become a chain
That binds me in a world filled with so much pain
I know that wherever I go, you’ll be the shadow of my heart
And I can never find a way to rip it completely apart


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