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All I Can Remember

Inside my head, there’s a nearly fading memory
Of all my past that I kept inside of me
It’s fading slowly as years came rolling by
Like a little bird that is eager to fly

New memories kept on being created and born
While others had disappeared, blotted and torn
No matter how much I wanted to recall
My mind can’t go back to where it has started to fall

I want to picture everything in my mind
Every memories and scenes that I could be able to find
Happiness and sadness, including laughter and cry
It’s always these emotions that no one can buy

But as these memories slowly fade away
One keeps on standing out as I start my day
It’s your face and smile and the way you treated me
That’s what my mind more often wanted to see

It’s my day with you, that’s all I can remember
Starting January until the end of the cold December
And if the wings of my memories had been blown away
My memories with you will surely cling on and stay


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