The Chosen Tomorrow

I’ve lost the person that I love the most
For he protected me as his life was the cost
And I cried so hard in front of him
I’ve felt my life was beginning to dim

I’ve lost the only chance to say what I feel
To the only person that I’ve loved for real
Loving him made my world a dark place
Living inside of it where I can’t see my face

I want to listen to what my heart is saying
But certain circumstances kept me on denying
Denying the fact that I love you so
But there’s a past I couldn’t let go

Loving you didn’t made my heart felt sore
For pain and agony is what I’ve suffered before
Loving someone again made me a bit afraid
To face the world again where love never fades

You awakened a love sleeping in my heart
And a promise you made to me won’t tear it apart
For I chose to stay by your side forever
A chosen tomorrow that I want for us to share together


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