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Within A Silent Heart

I’ve always lived my life the way I wanted to
But it seems that something’s missing in what I do
There’s a missing piece in my life that I need to fill
In order for me to have a life that’s complete and real

Up until now, I’ve never had a chance to love
No matter how much I try to catch the stars above
A love that will help me fulfill my greatest dreams
And will give me the strength to cross trials’ streams

As I walk my path, there’s an obstacle ahead
And it isn’t as easy as a book that I’ve read
But you came to my way and crushed it down to bits
You drive all the obstacles away in scared fleets

Though you’ve saved me from the crucial path I walked
My heart remained silent and couldn’t find a way to talk
It’s because of a feeling that you’ve unknowingly lit
Within the silent heart of mine that continuously beat

I wanted so much to thank you for what you’ve done
I even wanted our hearts to unite and become one
But I’m willing to wait until destiny becomes a part
Of a blazing feeling that lies within a silent heart


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