According To My Heart

Life has never become a sweet, simple story
For it has lots of comedy, drama, and even tragedy
But life also offers the sweetest one to live
And that’s finding love again after you forgive

Pain made your heart to bleed as it falls down
Because of a love that ended like a broken crown
But life had made you see things that’s needed to be seen
Like a sky-high dream that’s painted in the mountain scene

I don’t want to end my life weeping around to mourn
For a love that became a lie even before it was born
For I’ve seen life has a lot of surprises to offer
A lot of memories filled with many smiles and laughter

As I walk down the road whie the rain is falling
I heard a sweet voice, like an angel is calling
And as I turn around, I capture a warm smile
That overflows with delight like the water of the Nile

But as I walk towards you, you suddenly walk away
And as you disappear, I listen to my heart as it say
“Even if our hearts were separated like worlds apart,
I would still find your love according to my heart.”


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